Managed Cloud Features

The importance of data security is continuing to grow indefinetly and in the future companies are going to be expected to take of it. This means managing data about multiple cloud scenarios; backing up the data is of utmost importance. Our redundant backup strategy ensures data security. While our managed cloud enables you to set up an IT infrastructure with just a few clicks. This way you can meet the demands of the new era in terms of data security.

Our highly available managed cloud based on OpenStack cloud software gives you the necessary degree of flexibility to adapt your infrastructure to your individual needs. And while you organize and complete your tasks efficiently, servinga acts as your experienced partner to guarantee the security and perfect performance of your IT structure with unbeatable cost transparency!

Your Benefits

Our OpenStack technology has a number of advantages for you.

Benefits image User-friendly

Easy to manage and well-documented.

Benefits image Redundant

We replicate your data three times.

Benefits image Scalable

The technology adapts to your requirements.

Weltweit Reduced effort

Our employees maintain the cloud plattform.

Our OpenStack Hosting

Now we're getting into technical details: below, we explain precisely how our cloud technology is structured, divided into 9 good reasons to use it. If you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you.



All virtual instances are stored on our highly available Ceph memory. All data is stored triple replicated on SSD hard drives. In addition, our Ceph storage also functions as object storage and offers an S3 interface. To put it simply: we secure your data three times. So that nothing can happen.



Using the latest SDN (software-defined networking) architecture, we connect individual instances to the outside world. At the same time, so-called floating IPs are assigned via the SDN. This way you are always properly connected.



Your entire infrastructure can be administered via the integrated OpenStack Horizon dashboard. In addition to the dashboard, all identity, accounting, and automation tools are also made available on the management plane. This offers you the simplest possible ways of organizing your work.



On the basis of OpenStack Heat, all types of environments can be rolled out fully automatically in a few minutes. From a simple WordPress installation to complex multi-server setups, there are no limits to your wishes. Automation at its best!



Load balancer as a service: it has never been easier to operate high-availability environments behind load balancing. Using OpenStack LBaaS, for example, web applications can be scaled to an almost unlimited bandwidth. The settings can be made conveniently via the GUI. That means: regardless of how many and how intensely users access your applications, the environment will adapt to the demand.



Our compute nodes handle the provision and administration of the virtual instances as well as the provisioning of the operating system. This ensures that your applications are always up-to-date and meet the latest standards.


VPN as a service

Location networking made easy! Quickly and easily create tunnels between your local infrastructures and the servinga cloud by OpenStack. Services of all kinds can be flexibly outsourced. This gives you absolute control over your data!


Firewall as a service

Security first! To secure your cloud environment, extensive configuration options are available to explicitly regulate access. This means that your data can only be accessed by the people you've approved for access.

Our Managed Cloud Whitepaper

Find detailed information about our services in our managed cloud brochure.

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