Cloud Consulting

As technology advances and the world becomes more digitalized, there is a constant increase in challenges for information technology. To keep up with this steady change, it is important to have a partner by your side who will manage and develop your IT in your interest. In the form of personal cloud consulting, we are cooperating with you to determine any and all requirements you may have and present the options you might have or want to take.

In-house IT specialists and a massive local IT infrastructure are no longer necessary these days. It is more cost-effecient to work with a cloud solution and save internal resources. With us, you will always have a partner by your side who knows the best solution for you. We are also happy to provide support as you explore outsourcing your IT to a data center or to our cloud.

What we can do for you

If you make use of our cloud consulting services, we will pursue the following goals.

Benefits image Increase your security

We will back up your data 3 times and protect it in a modern data center with adapted air conditioning, redundant power supply, and various other security measures.

Benefits image Improve performance

We not only increase the speed at which your data is transmitted, but also service when you need it: we have experienced IT specialists on call 24/7.

Benefits image Reduce costs

By outsourcing your IT specialists and installations, you can become more flexible and save up to 50% of your IT cost.

Speed Driving digitalization

We're here to help you manage the digital transformation, ensuring that you will meet not only the latest standards, but also be one step ahead of your competitors.

Our 4 steps to success

As a rule, our cloud consulting takes the following four steps to your success.


We will work closely with you to analyze your individual needs.

Cloud Hosting


We then proceed to create a detailed plan according to your ideas and needs.

Cloud Hosting


Continuing with working out an individual implementation plan according to your specifications.

Cloud Hosting


After a successful test, we provide support as you launch and go live.

Cloud Hosting

Reach your goal with cloud consulting

Cloud Consulting made in Germany

It's actually very simple: you outsource your infrastructure and focus entirely on your core business instead. We'll handle your IT. You will no longer need your own IT department and no longer have to provide entire rooms for your technology. Maintaining and monitoring your IT will become a thing of the past for you as we start handling it for you.

Our IT specialists really have faced every conceivable challenge: many years of experience as both customer and IT service provider, numerous training courses, and continuous improvement make them a team that can design the right solution for every problem and take precautions to avoid future difficulties. Thanks to our team's 24/7 availability, you have access to specialists who have already been able to solve similar challenges in the past whenever you need it.