From Frankfurt, for the World

Frankfurt am Main is the ideal base for cloud computing in Germany; high speed and reliability are just as dependable there as the usual legal protections which take EU standards into account and go above and beyond when it comes to data protection. It is therefore no coincidence that we have chosen Frankfurt as our base for offering managed cloud hosting from Germany.

Frankfurt is directly adjacent to DE-CIX, the largest internet node in the world measured in terms of data throughput. The cloud computing speed that we offer is just as fast and secure. Of course, being based in Germany means that German law applies to all possible legal issues and cases relating to cloud computing.

Cloud Service Provider at 8 locations

In addition to our primary location in Frankfurt, we also offer our cloud hosting solutions at 7 other locations in Europe and the USA.

  • Switzerland, Canton Zug
  • Netherlands, The Hague
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • USA, Dallas
  • England, Manchester
  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • Estonia, Tallinn

Our hosting locations at a glance

Our technology is available in use at seven other locations around the world: six in Europe, one in the USA. We are always close to you and your customers. Made in Germany, but at home all over the world.



Our main data center; also our company headquarters.



Optimized network connection to the US and northern Europe.


The Hague

Our servers have been in the southern Netherlands since 2015.



The Romanian locations offers low latencies to eastern and southeastern Europe.



Our northernmost location in Europe, right in the heart of Sweden.


Canton Zug

Switzerland has the highest data protection requirements in the world.


Dallas, Texas

Reduced latency for customers who also operate in the United States.



TIER 3 data center at the nexus between western and eastern Europe.