Managed Storage

Traditional storage solutions are often expensive, resource-intensive, and inefficient. The storage space is often very expensive and has to cope with the highest loads, even if temporarily not needed, since the storage is not usaully scalable. A cloud solution can cut these costs in half. At the same time, literal space is saved and on-site staff is no longer necessary.

How you benefit from storage-as-a-service

Storage as a service, as we offer it, has several advantages:

Benefits image True scalability

In our cloud, the storage always adapts to the current load.

Benefits image Triple redundancy

Your data is backed up 3 times to protect you from data loss.

Benefits image High Speed

Our hardware is ultra-modern and 100% based on fast SSD technology.

Weltweit Cost-effective

Save up to 50% on your storage costs and only pay for what you actually use.

The right interface for every need

No matter what you work with, our managed storage-as-a-service has the right interface for everyone.


Ceph provides the basis for our storage-as-a-service. The RBD (RADOS block device) kernel module allows native access to the storage cluster without additional gateways. Experience has shown that RBD connections are the fastest way to access our storage.


NFS, probably the most well-known network file system, is used in the same way as SMB in infrastructures that concurrently access centrally available data. The NFS protocol is usually used on Linux systems and access can be limited by ACLs.

DreieckCreated with Sketch.NFSSMBS3RBD

Our SMB gateway is available for Windows-based platforms. We export the corresponding Samba shares for your application, which can then be used to store data on our storage-as-a-service. Access is ACL-based or alternatively via an encrypted VPN connection.

S3 / Swift

Our storage-as-a-service provides a full S3 implementation for use as object storage. The object storage can be used externally in an application or alternatively in conjunction with our managed cloud. In addition, the S3 interface is complemented by extensive ACLs and a full API.

We will manage your storage needs

Further benefits of our managed storage solution

Our storage solution offers the right interface for everyone: we have RBD, SMB, S3/Swift, Ceph-FS, and NFS interfaces so that we can really connect any application.

With our storage solution, we also have the option of offering you various backup solutions. We orient ourselves to your individual needs and help with the setup and implementation.

If you still lose data, despite the triple backup of your data and backups, you need a fast and functional recovery. Together we will work out a timetable and various scenarios to make sure you're up and running again.

Details about our managed storage solution

Find detailed information about our services in our managed storage brochure.

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