Bits and bytes are our passion

servinga has located its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main for some very good reasons: DE-CIX is home to the world's largest internet hub measured in terms of data throughput. For our customers, this means the highest possible speed when connecting their cloud computing to the internet and almost perfect protection against failures. Of course, being based in Germany means that German law applies to all possible legal issues and cases relating to cloud computing. Frankfurt am Main is the ideal base for cloud computing in Germany; high speed and reliability are just as dependable there as the usual legal protections which take into account EU standards and go above and beyond when it comes to data protection.

Cloud Service Provider at 8 locations

In addition to our primary location in Frankfurt, we also offer our cloud hosting solutions at 7 other locations in Europe and the USA.

  • Switzerland, Canton Zug
  • Netherlands, The Hague
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • USA, Dallas
  • England, Manchester
  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • Estonia, Tallinn

Motivation through satisfaction

Our team delivers an above-average performance every day to satisfy our customers' current and also future requirements. As a company, we have decided not only to keep our customers satisfied, but also to go a step further and ensure our employees are just as satisfied. We are well aware that satisfied and motivated employees are the key to our success. This is why we give every employee a personal all-round satisfaction package, so that they can develop personally while ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

That's what makes us unique.

Take advantage of our expertise and let us advise you.

Support 10+ years' experience

We know what we're doing and understand both the service provider and the customer side of various issues firsthand.

Sorgenfrei Experienced team

Satisfied employees make for satisfied customers. Our credo shapes every aspect of our corporate culture.

Zertifiziert Inspired by technology

We find and use the most modern technologies of our time. So that you can relax.

Our services in detail

You will find detailed information about our services in our brochure.

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