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servinga Managed Cloud by OpenStack is your benefit!


In the future, more and more companies are expected to choose multiple cloud scenarios when managing their data. In this case, seamless transfer of data from one cloud to another is extremely important. Our managed cloud gives you the power to build a fully scalable and redundant IT infrastructure in just a few clicks.


Our highly available managed cloud based on OpenStack Cloud software gives you the flexibility you need to tailor your infrastructure to your individual needs. And while you organize and complete your tasks efficiently, we ensure the security and flawless performance of your IT structure – and that at unbeatable cost transparency!

OpenStack organized managed cloud – made in Germany

High acquisition costs for overpriced servers and network components are finally history thanks to the new virtualization environment. Your managed cloud from servinga is located exclusively in certified German data centers, which rounds off the aspect of data security and data protection in an exemplary manner. The location of our data centers is located in Frankfurt am Main, home of the world’s largest Internet node DE-CIX. This exchange node manages to process a data volume of up to 350 gigabits per second – the ideal prerequisite for your OpenStack-managed cloud!

Individual OpenStack solutions for your cloud

As a partner with extensive services, we not only ensure that all applications run smoothly and you get a 24/7 service. We’re also happy to help you plan and implement a personalized OpenStack environment that’s right for your cloud projects. Let us advise you today without obligation and free of charge. You can reach us by phone at +49 69 348 75 11 0. Of course, we are also there for you by e-mail: [email protected] – we look forward to your challenge!

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Easily manage your own infrastructure with just a few clicks through our customer-friendly management environment.


Our cloud is operated on high-quality hardware and has a highly available and redundant structure.


Take advantage of our scalable cloud and tailor your infrastructure to personal and individual needs.


The entire cloud infrastructure is constantly being optimized by our experts so that you can fully concentrate on your business.

Components of our OpenStack hosting



All virtual instances are stored on our highly available ceph memory. All data is stored exclusively on SSD disks replicated three times. In addition, our Ceph Storage also acts as Object Storage and provides an S3 interface.



Using state-of-the-art SDN (Software-defined Networking) architecture, the connection of individual instances to the outside world is realized. At the same time, the assignment of so-called floating IPs takes place via the SDN.



The entire (customer) infrastructure can be administered via the integrated OpenStack Horizon Dashboard. In addition to the dashboard, all identity, accounting and automation tools are also made available on the management plane.



On the fundament of OpenStack Heat, all types of environments can be rolled out fully automatically in just a few minutes. From simple WordPress installation to complex multi-server setups, there are no limits to your wishes. Automation at its best!



Loadbalancer as a Service It has never been easier to run high-availability environments behind load balancing. By means of OpenStack LBaaS, e.g. Web applications are scaled almost infinitely in width. The settings can be conveniently made via GUI.



Our compute nodes take over the provisioning and administration of the virtual instances as well as the provisioning of the operating system.

Firewall as a Service


Security first! To secure your cloud environment, extensive configuration options are available to explicitly regulate access.

VPN as a Service


Site networking made easy! Quickly and easily create tunnels between your local infrastructures and the servinga Cloud by OpenStack. This allows services of all kinds to be outsourced flexibly.

Made & Hosted in Germany

There is no compromise on privacy.

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Customer benefit of our OpenStack hosting

Full scalability

Under real scalability we understand not only the expansion, but also the reduction of resources. You only pay for what you use! That`s our promise, our commitment.

SSD speed

With speed of our cloud, we make no compromises and only install components with SSD speed, so that we can offer you the best performance.

3-fold replication

Through a 3-fold replication of the storage environment, all data in our managed cloud is already inherently redundant. The security of your data is top priority to us.

Network Management

With our integrated software-defined networking (SDN) solution, we offer our customers the ability to virtualize complete switches, firewalls, and VPN solutions at no additional cost.

Separated network

With VXLAN technology, we can provide each customer a physically-isolated network environment, as this is the only way to have full flexibility in your network.

Complete cost control

We rely on full cost control for our customers. All configured resources will be charged to the customer according to consumption.

Hosted in Germany

In order to offer our customers the highest security standards, our managed cloud is located exclusively in German Tier + 3 data centers.

OpenStack API:s

In addition to our OpenStack management environment, we also provide a native API to ensure a broad range of applications.

Did we catch you? Try our OpenStack Hosting!

Contact us without obligation for a test environment.

High quality technology

We rely exclusively on quality hardware from well-known manufacturers and thus create the basis for high availability.


Depending on the service package booked, our team is also available to assist you 24/7 via e-mail or telephone.


Our data centers are ISO27001 and PCI DSS certified and comply with TIER3 + standards.